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Michael Theodore – President

Born: March 6 in Los Angeles, California
Family: Married, with a twin sister and a son.
Michael has owned property in Cabo San Lucas since 1993 and has been renting villas in Cabo San Lucas since 1996. His goal is to provide a quality villa experience for all of his guests, as well as a stable and comfortable work environment for Casa Theodore, Inc. employees. Please feel free to contact Michael directly with any suggestions or concerns you might have.

Rachel Leahy – Executive Assistant

Born: May 21 in Los Angeles, California. Family: Single, oldest of 4, Rachel started working for Casa Theodore, Inc. in 2012 and excels at assisting our customers with all activities, VIP activities, and all other in-villa services. Rachel excels at assisting our customers with any needs they might have. 

Zosimo Aguirre Cruz- General Manager

Born: April 4 in Oaxaca, Mexico Family: A Wife and 2 children Zosimo has been a key member of Casa Theodore, Inc. since 2005. With approximately 25 years of managing experience in multiple villas throughout The Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Zosimo brings a level of expertise and leadership that extends the guest-centric philosophy upheld in our villas. Zosimo will ensure an unprecedented experience during your stay.

Alejandra Rodriguez Barrios – Housekeeping Manager

Born: November 2 in Guerrero, Mexico Family: A husband and 3 children Ale has supervised Casa Theodore, Inc. villa's housekeeping services since 1997. She has a great responsibility and takes pride to ensure our accommodations meet a five star standard for guest satisfaction.

Rosendo Gutierrez- Maintenance Manager

Born: March 1 in Guadalajara, Mexico Family: A wife and 9 children Rosendo has been working for Casa Theodore, Inc. since 2011, and is in charge of all maintenance of our properties. With over 15 years of experience in property management, construction, plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning, he can resolve most problems immediately. 

Raul Rodolfo Garnier Castro- Assistant General Manager

Born: November 13 in Sinaloa, Mexico Family: A wife and 2 children, Rodolfo has worked for Casa Theodore, Inc. since 2014, and is out assistant general manager. He's also a trained waiter, bartender, butler, as well as an excellent concierge. 

Ayde Zitlalic Ruedas Chacon - Chef

Born: June 24th in Cabo San Lucas. Family: 2 children, Ayde has 6 years experience as an executive chef after graduating from the Academia De Arte Culinaria Internacional in Cabo San Lucas. Ayde is able to make a wide range of cuisines, including Mexican (obiviously), Italian, Spanish, and Vegetarian. She is also an excellent pastry and dessert chef, and is able to create some amazing offerings for our guests. She tries to source all products locally, depending on season and availability. Please feel free to contact us with any special diet requirements, so that we can meet your needs. 


Magdalena Castro Rodriguez- Housekeeping

Born: January 14 in Guerrero, Mexico Family: 1 child Magdalena ""Molly"" Rodriguez has been working for Casa Theodore, Inc. since 2004, and takes pride in providing excellent guest service.

Sotero Batalla Marin- Maintenance

Born: April 27 in Taxco, Mexico Family: A wife and 4 children along with 2 grandkids Sotero has worked for Casa Theodore, Inc. since 2001, and he has a direct responsibility for maintaining our exceptional standards for guest satisfaction and quality assurance.

Jose Luis Camargo- Security Guard

Born: August 20 in Mexico City Family: A wife and 2 children Jose has worked for Casa Theodore, Inc. since 2017, and has 10+ years in private security. Jose handles night security, taxis, and any other issues between 9pm-7am.


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Cabo San Lucas

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